Pokémon Go just got an update that adds a lot more strategy to collecting Pokémon

A new update to Pokémon Go rolling out to players on Android and iPhone starting late Monday should bring a lot more depth to the game.spencer kern pokemon go charging station test

The number-one new feature in the update, per a Facebook message from the game’s developers:

“Implemented Pokémon Appraisal: Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.”

This may sound confusing, but it actually adds a lot of depth to the game. In the world of the Pokémon games, including Pokémon Go, different monsters have different “individual values,” or IVs. Which is to say, one Pikachu isn’t the same as another Pikachu, even if they’re otherwise at the same level — they have subtly different statistics that can make a big difference in battle.

Those stats have always been present in Pokémon Go, but there was no legitimate way to access them: While there are fan-run websites that let you calculate IVs yourself, Pokémon Go developer Niantic recently shut down the unsanctioned third-party services that had represented the best and easiest way to check a Pokémon’s IVs.

By adding the ability to check a Pokémon’s IVs within Pokémon Go itself, it’s going to bring a little more strategy to the game, as players will now be able to absolutely maximize their Pokémon team’s potential. That’s good news for the two-month-old game, as moves like this will help to retain the game’s sizable base of players.

Meanwhile, Niantic would like you to know that they’re not done yet, and promise that there’s more to come.

“We are still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokémon GO,” say the app release notes.

Features previously promised to be coming to the game at some pointinclude Pokémon trading and global gym battle leaderboards.


Source: Business Insider


20 Most Stunning And Beautiful Places on Earth That You Haven’t Heard

1. Glass Beach, California

A beach located in MacKerricher State Park, California that is sufficient in sea glass developed from years of throwing garbage into an area near the coastline.

2. Japan Underwater Roller Coaster, Yokohama

This unique underwater roller coaster in Yokohama Japan will temporarily submerged into the water leaving you invisible. An attraction called “vanish” for it’s very reason.

3. Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Placed in the mid-west part of the Norwegian coastline, the Atlantic Road is one of the most scenic drive as you can imagine. The drive is definitely worth it.

4. Split-view, Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos islands is home of the wildlife viewing destination in the entire world and it has been considered as the of the most riches marine ecosystem due to it home like environment to animals.

5. Antelope Canyon in Arizona

antelope canyon arizona

The word antelope canyon came from an era where antelopes ran wild in the canyons of Arizona. These amazing canyons are created more than a thousand years by the force of water and wind. It is popular for the photographer and tourist for it is a source of tourism business.

6. Point Reyes National Seashore Tree Tunnel

point reyes national

Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel at Point Reyes station is a signature location where photographers captures the stunning view.

7. Aogashima Volcano, Japan

A remote inhabited island located in the Philippine Sea where lies a gigantic volcano crater and inside the crater lies another small volcano.

8. Stairway to Heaven, Iceland 


Called stairway to heaven for its steps goes up to the valley, making it seems like going to heaven.

9. Glow Worm Cave, New Zealand


The Waitomo Caves attraction is known for the abundant population of glowworms. The magical cave shines brightly produced by glowworms and developed as the most inspiring natural wonders and a must-see destination in New Zealand.

10. Turquoise Sea, Cyprus

Fall in love with the turquoise blue sea and take a moment to appreciate that you are swimming in a crystal clear water, and without a doubt the most beautiful in the world.

11. Sea Cave, Malta

sea cave malta

The cave is located within the Qrendi village. The exact location of the cave combines with the shimmering sunlight that leads to the water mirroring showing numerous shades of blue.

12. Split Pinnacle, Hunan China

The amazing rock formation called the Split Pinnacle. Located in the south-central part of the country to the south of the middle reached of the Yangtze River. This gigantic formation. The highest peak of the mountains is 1262.5 m above sea level.

13. Ice Hotel, Norway


A hotel made up of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. This hotel is under a sub-freezing temperature.

14. Horsetail Falls, California

Located in Yosemite National Park in California. A spectacular Tahoe waterfall that have currents strong enough to sweep you to the falls.

15. Ruby Falls, Tennessee

A breathtaking waterfall named after Leo Lambert’s wife and is a 145-foot high underground waterfall.

16. Great Blue Holes, Belize

Great blue hole is a giant submarine sinkhole that many scientist believe that it is the larger of its kind. It was named as one of the ten best scuba diving sites around the world.

17. Fingals Cave, Scotland 

A sea cave in an island of Staffa in the Inner Brides of Scotland. Wherein Scotland owns the cave as part of a National Nature Reserve.

18. Shifen Waterfall, Taiwan


The most majestic waterfall in Taiwan with a breathtaking height of 20 meters and a width of 40 meters, hence making it the most outstretched waterfall Taipei. A popular tourist attraction wherein small waterfalls combines with another to create a fantastic view.

19. Rottenburg Village, Germany

Home of the colorful and beautiful well-preserved medieval town that resembles a fairy tale dream town. This is a worldwide symbol for German romance.

20. Red Beach, Panjin China

A famous place for its red plant called Suaeda Salsa. It is home for 236 species of birds, There is nothing but red for miles around. Probably you wont believe that this place exist.


How ‘Sightings’ Works In ‘Pokémon GO’


Anyone who boots up Pokémon GO this week will notice something slightly different. A new patch over the weekend overhauled the controversial “nearby” tracker, eliminating the old footprints and replacing them with a little graphic of some grass. This new system is labelled “sightings,” apparently to avoid any confusion. Sightings appears to be a temporary measure: it adds little functionality, but it is less obviously broken than the footprint system we were using last week. On a basic level, it’s showing you the Pokémon in an approximately 200 meter radius from where you’re standing, but there are some more things to know about what’s actually going on.

Sightings is similar to the old “nearby” tracker, but with some important differences. The biggest one is that it works on a much higher refresh rate, which dramatically increases the odds that the Pokemon listed on your screen will actually be in the vicinity: Pokévision taught us that most Pokémon spawn for about ten minutes, and it appears that the new sightings system does a much better job of hustling them off the list at that point. Sightings also removes any duplicate Pokémon, so that you’re no longer looking at that disheartening list of endless Pidgeys: if there is in fact a rare Pokémon near your location, you’re more likely to see it.

And finally, the Pokémon no longer appear in any sort of order. It used to be that the nearest Pokémon was in the top left corner of the chart, with each successive Pokemon going right and then down getting further and further away. That’s no longer the case: any Pokémon on the list could be any relative distance from your location.

Sightings is not the game’s new nearby tracker, nor is it really a tracker in any way. Again, it’s a temporary measure. Niantic is testing the real nearby tracker in limited markets — given the scale of the test, I’d guess the developer will be ready to roll it out wide soon. You can use sightings in a limited capacity, however: basically, you’ve got to keep an eye on the chart and walk in any given direction. If the Pokémon you’re looking for drops off the chart, you walked the wrong way. That’s really the only way to use it in any practical capacity.

So if you’ve been puzzling over what’s actually going on here, that’s the long and short of it. People who have been playing around with the new tracker also report seeing “sightings” below “nearby,” so some variant of this system might be in the game to stay.


Why Pokémon Go is good for you

The game draws people outdoors and out of themselves – although as with any social technology there are some risks


image.jpg‘Pokémon Go is part of an emerging generation of “augmented reality” apps, which allow players to look through the camera on their phone and see a game superimposed on to the world around them.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Pokémon Go is already being hailed as the “game of the summer”, with players of all ages getting out and about searching for Pokémon creatures of all shapes and sizes on their mobile phones. As is usually the case for those in my line of work, once the game started to pique the interest of the media, I started to get asked about the threat of such games to children and young people.

Pokémon Go is part of an emerging generation of “augmented reality” apps, which allow players to look through the camera on their phone and see a game superimposed on to the world around them. In the case of Pokémon Go, the game overlays Pokémon over real locations for gamers to capture, collect, evolve and fight. Players can also follow maps of the world around them that show where they might find new Pokémon.

It should be stressed there are a lot of positives around these types of apps. For one, they get gamers, traditionally quite a sedentary group, out of their houses and walking around their neighbourhoods. There have been many stories of people with social anxiety disorders coming out and interacting with the world, and people, in positive ways. In addition, it provides plenty of opportunity for exercise.

Traffic dangers

However, as with any piece of social technology, there are risks. Given the outdoor nature of the game, with a physical environment superimposed with creatures you are trying to chase and catch, there is a risk you might not be looking where you are going! There have already been stories of people wandering into traffic and getting lost. AA Roadwatch has warned the Irish public not to use the app when crossing the road and when driving. Haven’t we already seen this, however, through general mobile phone use, where people are more engrossed in an email, message or Facebook than being aware of the world?

There are other elements of the game that do present risk for children. One of the fundamental aspects is to meet with others, to interact with them, to “battle” them and to share information of Pokémon locations. As such, this is an environment where there is common interest – this certainly raises concerns around strangers approaching young people with offers of sharing locations of Pokémon, suggesting places they might go to look for them, and similar. “Pokestops”, places where Pokemon can be found, and “gyms”, where trainers can battle each other, are real-world locations and therefore there is a risk those wishing to meet children might lurk around them. However, these are generally very public places and, given the number of players, often busy.

Mitigating against such risks falls back on common sense more than technical knowhow. One would hope we would not be happy with our children running off on their own all over a town, playing near main roads, or being free to speak to whomever they wish without parental supervision. There is nothing technological in the game that raises risk beyond what we might normally see around “stranger danger”, and setting boundaries around where to play.

Commercial threats

An aspect of the game that can present some challenges is the potential for expensive in-app purchases. Players can purchase in-game currency to buy items that improve their prospects. This can be managed effectively by changing the settings to not allow in-game purchases, as, without such measures, it is possible to make sizeable purchases (the most expensive is £79.99 for “Pokecoins”).

Finally, there are issues related to personal data. It requires a Google account, which means each gamer needs to register personal information such as date of birth and email addresses, and the game also collects information about players’ locations. In addition, gamers using their real names for their character would be identifiable to others. Under data protection law, however, parents can request organisations do not use their children’s data for advertising and marketing.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is the game is great fun and children and young people want to play it. Being aware of the potential pitfalls helps mitigate the potential harm. It presents a great opportunity to have a conversation within families about the game. For younger children, it is an opportunity to play together and to incorporate the game into family outings. But even for older children, who would probably not want to be seen out looking for Pokémon with their mum, showing an interest in what they are doing is going to result in a far stronger understanding of the game than worrying.


Here’s Where You Can Find Dratini, Snorlax & More Rare Pokemon!

Eager to catch’em all, Pokemon Go users are trying to find rare species that can only be seen in uncommon areas. Pokemon creatures like Dratini, Snorlax and Lapras are making players go crazy in their respective areas looking for these particular monsters.

Pokemon Go junkies all over the Internet have released lists and charts of the hardest and rarest creatures to find. In that way, annoyed PokeCatchers would have an idea why it’s a struggle for them to catch Snorlax or Magnemite.

Players should also keep in mind that catching Pokemon might depend on their location. There are times when users in certain areas couldn’t find creatures while in different towns, it’s raining Pokemon.

Reddit user RotomGuy nicely shared his list of Pokemon species–from the most common to the rarest. Note that some species are only available in select regions.

Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / RotomGuy

Here are five of the rarest Pokemon creatures and tips on how you could catch’em all.


Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / SammyG94

The Pokemon, Dratini, is usually associated with water. So players would usually get a chance to catch one in areas near bodies of waters. Some users said they’ve found one near rivers, lakes, and beaches.

Although it’s not a hundred percent guarantee that you’d catch one in places with waters, it would increase your chances of having so.


Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / Ellelujah

Snorlax does not have a particular habitat as it also falls under the ‘Mythical’ team. Usually players find it in completely random areas. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to capture one inside your house!


Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / JOliver7

Another rare creature that falls under the ‘Epic’ group, Magnemite, is said to be found in locations near power plants and industrial areas, as Magnemite is associated with electricity as it is an Electric/Steel type of creature.

Other users said that Magnemite usually appears when there are thunderstorms. This might be just a coincidence so users must be cautious when catching it.


Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / ariapepsi

Hitmonchan is a fighting creature and is usually captured in gyms, parks, and areas that hold exercise activities. It belongs to the ‘Epic’ group as well.


Pokemon Go

Image source: Reddit / Nassunnova

Lapras belongs to the Mythical group and was reportedly found in areas that have bodies of water. Players caught a Lapras near piers, beaches and lakes.



What’s going on in Centrio Ayala Mall this Week?

Hey Poke fans and trainers! Centrio Ayala Mall wants you to join them on this phenomena this week! Yeah, that’s right! Centrio is hosting a 3-day lure event that starts 11am to 2pm then resumes again at 4pm up to 7pm. You don’t believe me? Fine. Check out the image below to be surprise!



Tadaaaaaa!!! Enjoy malling and finding your destined Pokemon and collect them all! Wahhh!!!! See you there guys! 😀

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon Using Incense

Pokemon Go How to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go isn’t just about catching Pidgeys and Rattatas. Shocking, I know. Actually there are lots and lots of uncommon and rare Pokemon to find in the game. Sure, if you live in a big city you might stumble onto them a lot, but many players are having a tough time finding them. Luckily there is a new theory making the rounds that tells you how to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go using nothing but an incense.

We already showed you how to use incense in Pokemon Go, but if you need a refresher check out this guide. We also told you where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go right here, but of course it’s more about tips and tricks, rather than a surefire method like this new theory offers. Finally, a note: this is just a theory right now but it has some weight behind it. So, with that out of the way let’s dive into it.

The key for this trick to work is to get out in the middle of nowhere. According to the Reddit thread that broke the whole thing down, you need to have a totally clear Nearby list (restart the game to refresh it). Once you are in the middle of the woods, or somewhere away from society you can use your incense (see the earlier guide for how to do that).

If done correctly you should start to see rarer Pokemon spawn. Some have had Abras, Ponytas, Charmanders, even Blastoise show up. It seems that with nothing nearby for the incense to pull from, it just grabs a random Pokemon to spawn near you. This greatly increases the odds of getting a rare Pokemon, rather than the Pidgey that is likely nearby.

Also keep in mind the fact that incense works best when you are in motion. If standing still you’ll get a Pokemon every five minutes or so, but moving around can decrease the wait time. Try to keep moving, but make sure you are staying somewhere far from where Pokemon would usually spawn.

Again, just a theory right now, but give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

Source: http://attackofthefanboy.com/